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The History of  Liquid E-Juices and Electronic Cigarettes

Widely known as electronic cigarette vaping liquid, e-juices are an advancement in nicotine consumption, which has reshaped the whole industry with its innovative and technological approach. As these new trends are set, nicotine users receive a lot of benefits too, so let’s quickly take a look at what e-juices are, their history, as well what diversity of flavors that are offered. What’s the technology behind those numerous tasteful e-liquid vapes and why are they getting more popular than traditional tobacco rolls and cigarettes.

Electronic liquid cigarettes first appeared around 2007 in Asia, but actually date back all the way to the 1960’s, when a certain Herbert A. Gilbert filed a patent for a non-tobacco smokeless cigarette.

However, the real inventor of the e-cigarette is regarded to be a Chinese pharmacist, named Hon Lik, who patented his invention in 2003. In the early 2000’s, Lik went on to quit smoking traditional cigarettes through a nicotine replacement therapy, which inspired him to create a device, using food additives as solvents.

He continued his research and work on ultrasound vaporization too, creating droplets, which were then overly large to create vapor. Lik carried on with his invention by combining it with resistance heating to achieve a more convenient, hand-held product, which is what nowadays is known as e-liquid cigarettes. 

This advancement in the way people satisfy and enjoy their nicotine consumption habits brings numerous benefits to users. For a start, while research has not yet been extensive enough, one main point stands out. Opposed to traditional cigarette smoking, no actual burning, as in the chemical process, takes place while vaping.

In essence, vaping is heating a liquid, which vaporizes and is inhaled by the user – tobacco in your ordinary cigarettes burns at around 700 degrees Celcius, emitting smoke, which contains hundreds of poisonous substances. This a primary reason why cigarettes are widely banned in public and vaping e-liquids is more socially accepted.

Another major point, which serves to prove why vaping is safer is tar. While nicotine is an addictive substance and a drug, what actually accounts for the majority of health issues is tar and around another 4000 chemicals contained in traditional, rolled, tobacco cigarettes, when they are lit and burned. Here, we go back to the technology behind vaping and why vaporizing a liquid is just better than burning a plant with chemicals in it. On top of that, this technology allows for an infinitely wider range of flavors, as opposed to only being able to choose how much nicotine and tar you intake, and whether the tobacco is menthol-flavored.